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How can I subscribe to CELEBRATING PRINT Magazine?

Subscription is not available. Because we are a bi-annual magazine, our readers prefer to purchase individual issues as they are published. 


I purchased digital edition but I cannot download it to my iPad.

Our digital edition is currently available only in pdf format. iPad does not automatically open and read pdf documents. You must have a pdf reader app installed. We read our issue on iPad using iBooks App from the App Store. It's free to download.


How long does it take for the magazine to arrive?

We ship magazines in batches twice a week, typically on Monday and Thursday. We will send you an email when we ship your copy. Deliveries within the continental USA usually take one week. Deliveries to addresses outside the USA may take from two to three weeks.  


How can I sign up for your newsletter?

There is a newsletter sign up in the side bar to the right of the page. We send emails—usually when a new issue comes out or when we have a special offer for our magazine or some major news. If you’d like to get more frequent updates about magazine activities, join us on Facebook and/or Twitter.


Are you open to outside contributions?

Yes. We are always looking for new themes and articles in various forms that discuss printmaking and fine art print in Central and Eastern Europe. Please visit our page Contribute for more information.


What are the specs of the magazine?

The print edition is 8.325 x 10.875 inches trim size, 76-98 (double issue) pages (incl. cover), with little advertising, printed in full color on #80 text matte, with #80 cover matte.


How often do you publish?

Twice a year, in spring and in fall. Occasionally we publish two issues in one (a double issue), i.e., once a year.


Can I check the status of my order?

When we ship your order, you receive a confirmation email from us. Check our Return Policy for orders believed to be damaged or not received.


I haven’t received my order, and it’s been more than three weeks. What is the problem?

Send us email at: to check the status of your order for you. We will confirm the delivery address. If the delivery address on our file wasn’t correct, we will mail you another issue to the correct address. Check our Return Policy.


I have another question that isn’t answered here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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