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Our mission is to reinvigorate the public's interest in the fine art print and the process of printmaking in Central and Eastern Europe, map its evolution, and engage members of the global printmaking community in the discussion of the medium's contemporary practice.

CELEBRATING PRINT MAGAZINE was a biannual full-color magazine on fine art print and printmaking in Central and Eastern Europe. We worked with curators, scholars, master printers, and printmakers to explore historic, modern and contemporary prints and printmaking practice throughout the region. The publication featured original writings, including articles, essays, projects and interviews, accompanied by high quality, full-color reproductions and photo stories. 

The publication has been discontinued in its printed format


The complete series includes six issues (including one double issue) in Vol.1-4, mapping the printmaking practice in Central and Eastern Europe:

Vol. 1 No. 1, published October 2015

Vol. 2 No. 1, published April 2016; No. 2, published October 2016

Vol. 3 No. 1, published April 2017; No. 2, published October 2017

Vol. 4 No 1-2 (a double issue), published November 2018

CELEBRATING PRINT keeps online presence. 


CELEBRATING PRINT has been founded as an information platform and invaluable resource for collectors, scholars, and print enthusiasts to explore and learn about Central and Eastern European print culture – as well as discover or re-discover artists and their works as they relate to the region and the global art scene.




Editor: Katerina Kyselica

Article Editor: Tanya Silverman 

Publication dates: April, October

First issue published: October 2015

Last issue published: November 2018

Publisher: KADS New York

Web design: KADS New York


8.375 x 10.875 inches (21.59 x 27.94 cm)

76 - 98 (double issue) pages incl. cover, full color, perfect bound

Dorota Folga-Januszewska (Poland)

art historian, art critic, curator, museologist and educator, head of the Theory Department at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Suzanna Simor (USA)

Head of Queens College Art Library, Founding Director Emerita of Queens College Art Center


Breda Skrjanec (Slovenia)

art historian, curator, lecturer, museum adviser at the International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC)


Eva Trojanova (Slovakia)

art historian, curator, art critic, writer

Dorota Folga-Januszewska 

Darko Glavan

Katarzyna Haber 

Barbara Kalwajtys

Jiri Bernard Krticka

Barbora Kundracikova 

Katerina Kyselica

Alena Laufrova

Julia Meszaros 

Rada Nita 

Anna Pravdova

Emese Revesz

Breda Skrjanec 

Eva Trojanova 

Krisztina Uveges


Each issue could not be created without the generosity of the contributors who provide their articles and arrange for all of the image reproductions without honorarium.


Our gratitude also goes to:

  • Rostislav Vanek, a renowned Czech designer and typographer whose font family Clara is the typeface of the print and digital edition of CELEBRATING PRINT.

  • Slovak artist Dusan Kallay for the use of a photograph of his etching, Confession of an Actress, or The King is Naked, Naked is the King (1986), for our marketing campaign.

  • Mr. Richard Polsky for his financial contribution and his belief in our resolution to document the development of Central and Eastern European printmaking.

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