Central European Art Database

Czech Republic

Central European Art Database (CEAD) is a dynamic online database that catalogs post-WWII Central European visual arts and culture. The content focuses on cultural scenes and creative manifestations in the Visegrad countries. CEAD is maintained by the Olomouc Museum of Art as well as many participating institutions. 

W: cead.space.

Dusan Kallay at KADS New York


A series of etchings, including Encounter of Labyrinths (1998) and Dream of John the Watchmaker (1983), by the acclaimed printmaker, painter and illustrator Dusan Kallay is available at KADS New York. The Lewis Carroll Society of North America recognized the 2010 Slovak translation of Alice in Wonderland with illustrations by Dusan Kallay the world's best.

W: kadsny.com E: info@kadsny.com

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